In good hands

In good hands

  • Your protection – in good hands: Our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law are supported by a qualified and carefully chosen team of clerks and specialists, who provide both direct and indirect support.


  • In-house draftsperson for patent drawings: Patent drawings are individually created by our highly qualified, in-house draftsperson.


  • Specialized renewals department: Our renewals department organizes the renewal of all intellectual property rights worldwide. Changes in legal status, name changes and transfers also require registration with the competent authorities in order to ensure continued protection. Our renewals department is also responsible for these changes and monitors these proceedings.


  • Services for designs: Our design division prepares the required documents for design applications. Images of the products that our clients want to register are examined according to office specification. Product view and file formats are verified. Detailed information is gathered on the product and the design, including the name of the designer.


  • Worldwide payment and accounting services: Our accounting department organizes the payment of all official fees – even in the smallest and most remote parts of the world. Special attention is paid to exchange rates and transfer fees of the banks in order to ensure that the fees arrive at the respective patent offices in the correct amount and on time. Our accounting department also has many other tasks.

Become a patent paralegal

The profile of a patent paralegal is varied and multifaceted. By training interested applicants in our offices to become patent paralegals, we strive to foster access to this interesting occupation.

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Become a patent attorney

For many years, we have offered training for aspiring patent attorneys. Young engineers and natural scientists are trained to become the knowledgeable and conscientious experts who will accompany our clients in the future. If you are interested in becoming a patent attorney, please visit our career page.

Former Partners

  • M. Schneider 1914 – 1977
  • A. Eitel 1937 – 1979
  • Ernst Czowalla 1959 – 1990
  • Peter Matschkur 1972 – 2005
  • Heidrun Lindner 1990 – 2018